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Bidding and Procurement

As a Florida construction company, you may accept bids from subcontractors, suppliers and other vendors for various projects. Making sure your bid consideration process is fair and transparent can help you avoid many issues with this process, especially for public building projects. Working with a Fort Lauderdale bidding and procurement lawyer can help you establish the parameters and workflows associated with accepting and evaluating bids in the state of Florida. The legal team at Kevin J. Taylor, P.A., can provide you with much needed expertise in this complex area of contract law.

Bid Protests

Bid protests are legal procedures designed to ensure that all bidders for a project receive a fair chance to obtain the benefits of the contractual agreement and that no fraud, favoritism or bias is involved in the selection process. In general, bid protests can only be filed regarding publicly funded projects. These protests can be filed on a number of legal grounds, including the following:

  • Unfair economic advantage given to the winning bidder
  • Insufficiently detailed bid specifications
  • Lack of compliance with established bidding procedures
  • Failure of the winning company to comply with the specifications of the request for bids
  • Arbitrary action on the part of the public agency
  • Failure of the winning bidder to produce evidence of licensure or certification adequate to perform the required tasks
  • Unlawful communications between companies and members of the public agency
  • Failure to hold open public meetings regarding the bids and bidding procedures as needed

The Fort Lauderdale bidding and procurement lawyers at Kevin J. Taylor can help you pursue your bid protest to make sure that you receive the attention and consideration your construction company deserves when bidding on public projects.

Procurement Processes

Making sure your procurement workflows are cost-efficient and effective can help you manage overhead costs and reduce the risk of breach-of-contract issues for your construction company. Kevin J. Taylor, P.A., can provide you with the expert legal support your company needs to manage supply chain issues and to promote the most effective use of your available funds. By working with us, you can ensure that your procurement processes comply with all legal requirements and suit the needs of your construction firm.

At Kevin J. Taylor, P.A., we can provide you with the Fort Lauderdale bidding and procurement lawyer services you need to navigate these issues effectively. Our team will work with you at every stage of the bidding and procurement process. Call our law offices at 954-530-0889 today to begin managing these issues more effectively. We look forward to the chance to work with you.

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