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Construction Liens and Notices

Making sure your company is paid for the services and materials it provides is essential to your ongoing profitability in the Fort Lauderdale construction industry. The state of Florida allows for the filing of mechanic’s liens as a way to ensure that suppliers, subcontractors and contractors are paid for their work. These liens typically prevent the sale or transfer of property until the debt has been paid in full. The law firm of Kevin J. Taylor, P.A., can provide you with the legal support you need to navigate the mechanic’s lien process successfully.

How Mechanic’s Liens Work

In the construction industry, contracts provide the structure for agreements among vendors and contractors, subcontractors and property owners. The terms and time period for payments are usually included in the contract documents. If these payments are not received, contractors and subcontractors have the right to file a mechanic’s lien against the property involved. This involves delivering a Notice to Owner of the failure to pay the amount due:

  • Subcontractors must file these notices within 45 days of the date on which they furnished labor or materials for the construction project.
  • Companies and individuals who have a direct contract with the owner of the property can sue for breach of contract rather than working through the mechanic’s lien process.

A claim of lien must be recorded within 90 days of the last date on which services or materials were provided for the project. Working with an expert Fort Lauderdale construction liens and notices lawyer from the law firm of Kevin J. Taylor, P.A., can ensure the timely filing of these notices and the best outcomes for your company.

Pursuing Your Claims

If the amount of the debt is significant enough to merit it and if all other methods for soliciting payment from the owner of the property have failed, you may be able to file for foreclosure on the property in question. This requires the assistance of an experienced Fort Lauderdale construction liens and notices lawyer to ensure that all aspects of the legal process are handled correctly and in accordance with Florida law.

The team at Kevin J. Taylor, P.A., can provide the expertise your construction firm needs to protect its legal rights and financial standing in the competitive marketplace. To learn more about our mechanic’s liens and other services, call us today at 954-530-0889. We look forward to the chance to serve the needs of your company.

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